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Grain Merchandising

Midwest Market Management was founded on the idea that we could help farmers make huge strides towards improving their overall marketing plan simply by improving their cash merchandising program. Phase two of successful farm marketing requires close attention and due diligence. As a firm we truly believe minimal marketing success will be achieved until an adequate effort has been made to improve cash marketing skills. Good or bad, marketing decisions snowball. Executing the right decisions in the cash market will intuitively lead to solid decisions throughout the rest of your marketing year.

An acquaintance of Pat's for over 20-years, Allen recalls what drew him to become one of Midwest Market Management’s first customers. "From the day it was founded I've known Pat’s strengths in the grain marketing business especially in the cash and basis markets. He has a broad knowledge base of a lot of different aspects of the grain markets, and with the addition of the insurance business, has enhanced his risk management skills."

Asked why he stays with MMM, Allen says, "I feel like we're covering all aspects of the market and the major things that fluctuate in the markets that control my profitability. It's a very adaptive program, not centered on one strategy. We have a lot more tools in our toolbox than we did with other risk management companies."
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Allen Jaspers - Steamboat Rock, Iowa

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