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Farm marketing

Pat McLaughlin

I learned a lot of things growing up on my family’s farm near Donahue, Iowa. Like my father, I did not want to work in a factory doing something I didn’t enjoy. And like my father, I loved agriculture…so much so that I took my first job working for Farm Service for $2.15/hour rather than going to the nearby factory for almost four-times as much pay. Looking back, it was one of the most important decisions I ever made, putting me on a path toward a career that would provide far more than money.

Intrigued by the process of grain merchandising, I set out to learn everything I could about the buying and selling of grain products. Through 20+ years of managing elevators and merchandising grain, I developed a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques that go into a successful grain marketing program. I also discovered a passion for helping farmers make their operations more profitable and less stressful.

Today I’m pleased to be working with my son, Clint, not telling farmers what to do, but teaching farmers what they can do to make the most of their farms, for their families, and their futures.

Clint McLaughlin

Growing up, I worked on a Texas ranch and an Iowa farm. I grew to appreciate the way ranchers and farmers pour their hearts and souls into their work. I learned how being part of a team means working as hard as those around you to ensure success. And while I did not yet understand the financial challenges of agricultural business, I did understand it wasn't easy.

Pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout, I gained an even greater sense of teamwork and leadership. Scouting also reinforced what my parents always taught; always do the right thing. While earning an Agricultural Economics degree at Texas State University, I created a successful novelty longhorn photography business that taught me about organization, goal setting, and independence. I discovered I liked working for myself because it meant I could do things the right way. It was this discovery that led me back to Iowa to share my Dad's vision of working to help farmers be more profitable.

Today, I live in Kaukauna with my wife, Amy, and sons, Riley and Westin. When I'm not enjoying time with my family, I'm working with my Dad doing what we love to do. We believe there is no greater service we can provide than to help hard-working American farmers. And we hope you will consider giving us a chance to introduce ourselves, explain our approach, and earn your trust.

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